Everoze works with The Crown Estate to map future offshore wind potential

December 2020


The Crown Estate engaged Everoze to survey the evolving technology landscape to assess how practical limits to offshore wind installation will develop between now and 2040. Working in partnership, Everoze and The Crown Estate have mapped engineering solutions against the physical characteristics of the sea and seabed to define the future technology profiles for nineteen different key resource areas across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The study found that in addition to driving down the cost of clean electricity, technological innovation will expand the range of geographical possibilities for offshore wind deployment. Refinement of fixed foundation installation techniques and the entry to the market of full scale floating offshore wind, will bring new areas of UK waters within reach, helping to unlock this increasingly important source of renewable energy and support the UK’s clean energy future.

Huub den Rooijen, Director of Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure at The Crown Estate commented “We hope that this report will provide new data and insights to inform conversations about the sustainable growth of the offshore wind industry. Better data will lead to better dialogues that, in the end, will lead to better decisions, whether from a technical, environmental, societal or policy perspective.”

A copy of the summary report “Broad Horizons: Key resource areas for offshore wind” is available here.