Technical-economic study on the end of life potential of French wind farms

December 2019

Everoze was delighted to support the ADEME (French environmental and energy agency) in a recent technical-economic study on the end of life potential of French wind farms.

Everoze was appointed as part of a Consortium to analyse, at current regulations, the potential associated with the re-powering of French wind farms and related challenges from a techno-economic, environmental and regulatory point of view. This was to inform on how re-powering of wind farms can support the achievement of the PPE objectives (French government energy plans). To do this, the study analysed the different options available at the end of the FiT contract term, to characterise the strategic options for French wind farms in accordance with the constraints involved and to compare the identified variants of strategic choices.

ADEME’s project manager and wind engineer Sébastien Billeau indicated: “Everoze has successfully managed to realise this study about re-powering of wind farms in France, which was particularly challenging. They have taken into account the different comments made by the steering committee throughout the project and showed a great flexibility, as several questions were not addressed initially. Their expertise on the wind energy field was also very valuable for the relevance of the assumptions and conclusions of the study.”

Everoze’s work has been led by partner Ragna Schmidt-Haupt supported by a broader project team including Jérôme Jacquemin and Brieuc Pey.