Assessing climate risks for two of Octopus’ French onshore wind projects

Published May 2023

Everoze has delivered a climate risk and vulnerability assessment to Octopus Renewables Limited, focusing on two onshore wind farms located in France. We worked with climate modelling specialists Climate Scale to conduct a project specific review of the climate risks associated with the long-term environment at each asset site.

A report describing typical risk levels for the operation of these two assets and the required adaptation measures were provided to the client. Everoze applied both its TDD competence and extensive experience in onshore wind to interpret the impact of climate variations on the energy yield and operational costs specific to the location of the assets.

This work was undertaken as part of Everoze’s sustainability advisory services, with the aim of holistically bridging the technical, commercial and environmental spheres, so that our clients can make informed decisions when developing, constructing and operating their assets.

An Investment Associate at Octopus Energy Generation mentions: “Understanding possible climate risks on the energy yield allows us to plan appropriately. Everoze’s experts provided a clear list of possible risks and mitigation measures to minimize potential yield losses. We are happy with the assessment which now forms part of our DD process and allows us to address a key topic for our investors.” 

Everoze’s work was led by Ellie Van der Heijden and supported by a broader project team including Jo Holt and Diana Zadorozhna.