Routes into Everoze

Direct Hire on all levels

Let’s be upfront: if you thrive on hierarchy and structure, Everoze isn’t the company for you. But if you are looking for a work environment where the strength of your ideas are valued as much as your years of experience, then welcome home. You’ll be given the freedom and autonomy to shape your own career; it’s not for everyone, and with freedom comes responsibility – but we sure enjoy the buzz of owning our own careers.

Graduate hire & training

If you recently graduated and are looking for that first great opportunity – Here’s your chance! As a junior consultant you receive hands-on training and coaching, both in the technology of your choice and, later on, in the different functions of running a company.

Paid Internships & Placements (Year in industry)

4-12 months internships for final year Masters students available both in UK and France. We offer: Mentorship, Global exposure, Career development, Hands-on learning and Team spirit.

Work experience

We offer 1 week work experience through a partnership with different schools that are located close to our offices, especially to students who might not yet have been exposed to the different types of roles in our industry.

Student mentoring

Several of our consultants provide project / career mentoring for university students who are learning about / interested in the renewable energy industry.

Business Associates

If you are an expert if your field and want to stay completely autonomous but you align with our values, you could become one of our associates.

Business Partnership

Partnerships are essential to the Everoze values. Where our business offerings complement each other for a common goal we work together.