Bob Hodgetts

Bob is a chartered mechanical engineer who has dedicated his whole career, which started back in 1999, to renewables and energy storage consulting. Before jointly founding Everoze, Bob had a leading role in the growth of a multidisciplinary and international project development team for 15 years at Garrad Hassan.  Bob works across all the technologies, mainly focusing on energy storage, energy flexibility and onshore wind.  He has significant experience of projects in their development phase, however often gets involved in operational assets too.

  • Feasibility assessments of storage assets, from domestic flexibility through to commercial behind the meter applications and larger standalone projects
  • Procurement support and general due diligence of energy storage and onshore wind projects
  • He is a pioneer of the modern wind energy production assessment and an expert in asset performance
  • Oversight and approval of energy output predictions for more than 30 GW of solar and wind projects