Green hydrogen is a necessary part of decarbonisation

Countries worldwide are laying out ambitious targets for hydrogen, and the market support mechanisms to reach these goals are beginning to be announced. Hundreds of gigawatts of electrolysers are necessary to decarbonise the current hydrogen demand, and many novel uses for green hydrogen in a decarbonised energy system are being investigated.

Our wealth of experience in renewables will support a holistic approach to our range of green hydrogen services:

  • Hydrogen due diligence: Everoze provides technical advisory services to both buy-side and sell-side clients, as well as to lenders. Our technical advisors offer flexible, targeted and bespoke approaches to due diligence.
  • Strategic support: Our experienced consultants provide strategic advice to investors, developers and the supply chain.
  • Project Support: Everoze has experienced consultants able to provide project development support throughout the hydrogen project lifecycle.

Read more about how Everoze supports investors, developers and the supply chain in the brochure below. For more information on how we can add real value to your offshore wind projects, contact us.

Hydrogen Brochure 2022-08

We see low carbon Hydrogen as a highly versatile 'silver bullet' for hard to decarbonise sectors, offering an important contribution to our Net Zero future.