Everoze Carbon removal – Part 1: Forest Carbon

Published 14 October 2021

In this article, Everoze Partner Ellie van der Heijden describes why we think what we are doing at Everoze is a little different to business as normal when it comes to carbon removal.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on Everoze’s NetZero plan with a great team of colleagues and it has been so interesting and fulfilling! I wanted to explain a little more about why we think what we are doing is a little different to business as normal.

Over the past few months we have been researching the very best carbon removal schemes to engage with to meet our ambitious net zero target. Our primary aim is to reduce our emissions but for the carbon we have not been able to avoid emitting, we have sought mitigation through effective carbon removal schemes. As a company we are serious about the climate emergency and have set ourselves very high standards in terms of additionality, permanence and drawdown timeframe.

In our selection criteria we wanted to identify a portfolio of carbon removal schemes which covered European and Tropical locations and both tree planting and soil or peat restoration. In our search we came across Forest Carbon who provide schemes covering two of these removal methods. As you may expect from a company of due diligence professionals, engineers and environmentalists, we asked them a lot of questions during our selection process and Forest Carbon provided clear, helpful and robust responses to all of these. We’ve been really impressed by Forest Carbon and as a result have purchased carbon units from Gameshope Loch peatland project, located in the Scottish Borders and the Tom’s Wood woodland project located in North Yorkshire. The carbon removal produced by these two projects will mitigate 70% of Everoze’s 2020/21 carbon emissions. We undertook our own calculations to substantially increase our contribution to both of these schemes to provide an estimated carbon drawdown over 10 years instead of the more typical 100 year timeframes, which we do not feel are reflective of a climate emergency! So here is something for you to think about. Are your NetZero plans suitably urgent?

Everoze is also supporting a couple of other great schemes, watch this space for further details.