Project Support

Global installation rates are now stabilising for onshore wind and solar. This natural transition is taking place as the industries move towards maturity. It is resulting in a a fresh drive by asset managers to improve operations and run projects ever more effectively and efficiently as well as an increasing focus on optimised project development.

Everoze provides support to project developers and asset owners. Our senior staff have the essential industry knowledge and hands-on experience which is key to understanding and improving performance. Working in close partnership with operators and OEMs, we review fleet performance and identify opportunities to boost output, reduce downtime and increase revenue. We work with project developers to add value through engineering and procurement support.

Founding Partner, Bob Hodgetts: “There’s usually plenty of room for improvement through relatively simply changes to the way in which an asset or portfolio is operated – but often it takes someone with an external perspective and a wide range of experience in the field to spot these opportunities. Everoze is here to make that experience available to industry and to add value directly to fleet operation and project development.”